Before using your Teething and Nursing Necklace, please follow cleaning instructions below:

Inspect jewelry before first use, if any parts appear damaged do not use and contact us to return the item for a possible replacement

Begin cleaning your raw wood necklace by gently wiping the beads using a soft damp cloth.

Let the wood dry fully by air drying in indirect sunlight. 

Finally rub a little organic coconut oil on to bring hydration to the raw wood beads. Added bonus-the porous raw wood beads absorb the coconut oil's amazing anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties benefiting your teething babe. The coconut oil will also act as a natural antibacterial. 

To clean the tassel only, simply wash it in warm water using a pea size amount of mild soap. The cotton tassels are excellent for encouraging early hand eye coordination and for sensory. The tassels can be delicate and teething on them is NOT recommended. 

*Please note: tie dyed tassels are dyed with vegetable and/or plant based dyes and may run when saturated.

Important Information:

All sales are final. Due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept any returns/exchanges. 

Keep jewelry stored away from children and inspect it regularly for any possible wear or damage prior to use.

All The Little Biting Tree teething jewelry is intended to be worn by adults ONLY. It is NOT a toy.

It should NOT be worn by babies/children or left with any child unattended. 

The raw wood teething and nursing necklaces are made to be chewed on or gently played with during feedings.

Always supervise your babe whenever using your beautiful necklace. 

Our necklaces are all raw, untreated wood and therefore are not indestructible or unbreakable like hard plastic or silicone. 

The untreated wood is designed to be softer and is not meant to be used by older children with molars.