"This company is so cute! These raw wood teething malas are beautiful. I can't wait to wear it so Harley can chomp away!"

Vani Hari

The Food Babe

“The necklace is beautiful. I love it so much!”

Ali Wong 

Writer and Comedian

"The cutest gift for my mama friends! So cute and so sweet!"

Whitney Tingle

Co-Creater of Sakara Life

"We love our necklaces! They're even more gorgeous in person."

Jessica Pare

Actress and Model

"I absolutely love it and haven't taken it off!! Baby is into it too!"

Marisa Zucker

Director at Well Rounded NY

"The Necklace is beautifully presented and its smell and feel are excellent. The Little Biting Tree products make a perfect gift for the new and seasoned parents in your life."

Kathryn Los

Editor & Publisher of Holistic Parenting Magazine

“My little lady and I were so excited to receive it today! She just started teething. So far I haven’t been able to get her to teeth on anything that I’ve bought her. But tonight after a very long day, I came home to the package with the necklace inside. I picked her up and put it on and to my surprise she grabbed onto it and put it right in her mouth and started chewing away!”

Jordanae, Florida 

“We are in LOVE with our necklace!”

Chenoa, Mexico

“This teething necklace by The Little Biting Tree has been so wonderful for my 10 month old teething baby boy. The talented Mama behind this product line nailed it. The necklace is natural, comfortable and even super cute! I immediately felt connected to the product when I learned that the wooden beads are completely raw, untreated, unstained, and made without the use of dyes or oils. My son loves to chew on the necklace all the time, even when I’m not wearing it. I love the tassel also because it is a tickle away from a smile when ever we need it!!!”

Jessica, Arizona 

“I love how the necklace looks and he loves how they feel on his gums. Many thanks!”

Krystal, Hawaii 

“I love our NeSaRu by The Little Biting Tree. It's so pretty and when I wear it I can feel all of the positive healing energy of the beads. I am a Mala lover and this meets both my and my son's needs in such a beautiful way.”

Ashley Marie, Florida 

“The scent of the sandalwood is heavenly.”

J, Australia 

“Little Biting Tree has the greatest teething necklaces that don’t look like teething necklaces! These mala inspired teethers go with anything you’re wearing, even if you’re baby isn’t with you. I wear mine all the time and I get so many compliments. Indy is a major hair puller but she tends to grab the necklace when I wear it, I’m all about saving my hair!”

Ashley, Arizona

“My girl can't get enough of her Little Biting Tree necklace.”

Tiffany, Florida 

“I'm so thankful for The Little Biting Tree necklace. That has been a lifesaver!”

Cassie, Texas

“I am also seriously obsessed with this tassel necklace from The Little Biting Tree. I love teething necklaces that don't actually look like teething necklaces! Of all my teething jewelry, Harper seems to love this one the most, and I think I do too!”

Lindsay, New Mexico

“We LOVE our necklaces! They are even more gorgeous in person!”

Jes, California 

“As one of your O.G. shoppers I have to say, I'm obsessed with my necklace.”

Emilie, Arizona 

“Unfortunately, I find most teething jewelry to be not to my taste, big clunky silicon beads in bright colors. Then I found these necklaces from The Little Biting Tree. They actually look like jewelry an adult might wear. I’ve been wearing mine consistently since I got it. It’s great for keeping the baby from chewing on my clothing and I always have something for her to play with on hand.”

Lex, California