The Little Biting Tree has a philanthropic side too, with every purchase of a raw wood teething and nursing necklace, a portion of the proceeds go to support the work of a not for profit in northern India, giving love, hope and jobs to the destitute widows of Vrindavan. 

Widows in India are considered bad luck. They often are thought to have caused the death of their husbands through some prior life bad karma; they are shunned by family and friends, stripped of their colorful saris and bangles and pushed out of the household to fend for themselves. 

Many end up in Vrindavan because it is the Hindu "Mecca" for Krishna devotees. They spend 8 hours a day chanting in some of the 5,000 temples here, for which they get paid a few rupees, a handful of rice and the hopes that for all their efforts, they will come back in their next life in a better position. They are easy targets for abuse and neglect; the younger ones often end up in prostitution. 

Click here and here to watch these amazing women hand making our beautiful mala inspired teething and nursing jewelry.