• Image of Wildcraft Palo Santo & Selenite Bundle
  • Image of Wildcraft Palo Santo & Selenite Bundle

Palo Santo + Selenite

The most powerful and healing bundle of love and balance. We’ve combined five Palo Santo smudging sticks with one Selenite wand to bring you mental clarity, balance and positive energies.

Sustainably & ethically sourced wildcrafted Palo Santo (aka holy wood) cut exclusively from naturally fallen trees, the heartwood of Palo Santo is used in aromatherapy, meditation, energetic purification of space (a.k.a. smudging) and preparing tea. The uplifting and pleasantly aromatic smoke enhances the vibration of any space, facilitates inner-creativity, and attracts positive energy for those open to its magic.

Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, Selenite is a stone of love. This stone increases libido and promotes fertility. It also gives mothers-to-be and their unborn children protection all throughout the pregnancy. Selenite helps to stabilize and balance the emotional body.

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