• Image of Kadamba Rose
  • Image of Kadamba Rose

Kadamba+Sandalwood+Rose Quartz

For this stunning teething necklace we've traded in the cotton tassel for a hand carved (by a local North Indian artisan) organic, raw Kadamba amulet. Adorned with three carefully selected Rose Quartz beads at either side for added self-mothering energy. Our signature all raw Sandalwood beads complete this high vibration mala with that natural zen aroma.

Benefits of Raw Sandalwood: naturally aromatic, its warm soothing scent works to calm both emotions and the mind. Promotes deep meditation and restful sleep with its zen like vibes.

Benefits of Rose Quartz: a mothering crystal, inspiring you to take special care and mother yourself. Promotes bonding between mama and baby when placed on the belly during pregnancy. Rose Quartz gives mama some much deserved comfort in the days to follow after birth by easing post-partum depression and helping you to heal.

Benefits of Raw Kadamba: Kadamba is one of the most useful herbs mentioned in all ancient Sanskrit scriptures and Ayurvedic texts. It clears the aura and protects its wearer from bad dreams, negativity and harm. Can ease inflammation of the gums and has antibacterial properties.

Our beads are 100% raw organic wood.
BPA, PVC, Latex, resin, oil, phthalate and lead free.
Easily cleaned with gentle soap and hung dry.
Apply organic coconut oil, olive oil or a non scented oil to periodically hydrate the wooden beads.
Approx 27" drop.
Hand strung with multiple cotton bands.
Necklace is intended to be worn by adults only and not left unattended with baby or child.
Please note all of our jewelry is handmade so there may be variations from what’s pictured.
Great for gifts, all orders can be gift wrapped.